I started There She Is: The Podcast a week before I stepped onto the Miss Massachusetts stage as a competitor for my fourth and final time. After years of pouring my heart and soul into the Miss America Organization, I was certain that my experience winning local titles, awards, and the 2018 state Overall Interview Award, I had earned my slot in the top 11. Long story short, my pageant journey ended on a rather low note, walking away from the state competition with a heart burning with passion for the job of Miss Massachusetts with no placement to prove it. Devastating.

Still, I knew that a 10 minute interview with 5 strangers, a couple of on-stage questions, and  1 minutes and 30 seconds of me singing did not capture the personal growth that I've gained through my time with the crown. I was left with the world at my fingertips (aka my Google search bar), a passion for success, and a desire to make other women aware of their limitless potential.

So with relatively no experience in the podcasting realm, I recorded the first episode of There She Is: The Podcast and sent it out into the world. This journey is just beginning, but it's also grown beyond what I could ever have imagined in such a short amount of time.

I am certain that the skills, life-hacks, and wisdom I've gained from my time as a crownhead can benefit others who wake up everyday with the intention to live their best life.

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

xx Meg


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