Live, Love, Juice Cleanse.

Live, Love, Juice Cleanse.

It's time, folks! I'm finally sitting down RIGHT NOW to share with you my experience during my recent juice cleanse. So buckle up and get your celery out because this cleanse was one for the books!

The Juices

Celery- literally just celery juice

Hulk- celery, cucumber, ginger, parsley, lemon, green apple, spinach

Heart Beet- beets, green apple, carrots

Beach Babe- red apple, green apple, cucumber, pineapple, blueberries, lemon

The Juicery

All of my juices for the cleanse were provided by lady boss, juice extraordinaire, and owner of Farm2Cup Juicery, Erin Paiva. She created all of the recipes for the juices and helped me select them so that I would feel optimal results from the cleanse, and keep the high sugar fruit juices to a minimum. So once you're done reading this post, head on over to Farm2Cup in Raynham to try a cleanse, a smoothie, or a wholesome snack yourself!

My cleanse consisted of 4 juices a day for 3 days. I was nervous about giving up protein and consuming nearly all carbs for 3 days, but at the same time, wanted to experience the cleanse for what it was and push myself outside of my own ideas of wellness and try something new. So with some encouragement from Erin, I jumped right on in.

Day 1

I actually had been babysitting the evening before my cleanse and stayed over the family's house. When I woke up in the morning around 9AM, I drank a seltzer water and got home around 11AM ready for my first juice. So, here's what day one looked like as far as times and order of juices I drank...

11:00AM - Celery Juice and Allergy Shot

1:30PM- Heart Beet

4:00PM - Beach Babe

6:45PM - Yoga class!

8:15PM - Seltzer water and a cup of tea

10:30PM - Golden Ratio Protein with homemade cashew milk

Day 1 Notes

The first place your mind wants to go when you're on a juice cleanse (at least this was the case for me), is to constantly ask your stomach, "ARE YOU HUNGRY?" My stomach usually responded with, "Nah, not particularly." But I did feel some hunger before I took the yoga class and when I was making tea. I included the yoga in my list of drinks n' stuff because I want to emphasize that I did work out during the cleanse.

ALSO, celery juice cleans. you. out. 

No joke.

Day 2

10:15AM - Heart Beet

12:30PM - Hulk & Allergy Shot

2:15PM - Cup of tea

3:30PM - Beach Babe

5:00PM - Handful of plain, raw cashews

6:00PM - Veggie salad without dressing

11:30PM - Golden Ratio Protein with unsweetened almond milk

Day 2 Notes

This day was a little bit harder for me in terms of feeling hungry. I had gone from Taunton to Boston and had more time during my day for my brain to focus on whether or not I was feeling hungry. I was going back and forth with myself for a bit about eating or not eating and in all honesty, I was battling myself mentally about "being true to the cleanse." But here's the takeaway folks! The purpose of a juice cleanse is to reset your gut and to refresh your body so that it continues to favor clean nutrients over the junk that permeates food culture and most mainstream lifestyles.

Rant over... for now.

Long story short, I went to a concert during day 2 and knew that I would be miserable if I was hungry, so I ate cashews and a salad and I never looked back! I also enjoyed the concert and despite the fatigue that I felt throughout the day due to lower blood sugar levels, I made it through.

(Side note, Jesse McCartney is SO not a has been. You need to go listen to his new music on Spotify right now because HOLY BEANS, you guys. Wow.)

Day 3

10:30AM- Celery Juice and Allergy Shot

12:15PM- Cup of tea

1:40PM- Hulk with roasted chicken, carrots, and broccoli

2:50PM- Heart Beet

4:30PM- Golden Ratio Protein with Almond Milk

6:00PM- Beach Babe

Day 3 Notes

Much to my surprise, I was the least hungry on this day! I was so sad finishing off my last Heart Beet juice and since the cleanse, I've been craving it. At the end of the day, I was happy to have some chicken and gently ease my body back into eating meats. Meat is a huge part of my diet because I take in so much protein, so it was a good finish to the cleanse. Waking up the next day, I felt truly recharged and the fatigue I had been feeling earlier in the cleanse subsided.

Moral of the Story

I took two main lessons away from my juice cleanse experience. The first lesson:

Celery juice is actually a game changer.

I know that this trend is floating around in the wellness sphere and to be honest, I was skeptical. But after drinking my first celery juice I realized pretty quickly that it cleans. you. out. This can be a great tool for people who have issues with digestion or a sensitive stomach. If you know me, you know that I'm, for the most part, dairy free- this is because my stomach literally rejects dairy and I suffered for many years just living with horrific stomach pain and the works. When I cut diary out of my diet, I stopped getting sick. However, sometimes random foods that I can't necessarily detect (when I'm eating out or traveling on the go) that upset my stomach. I know now that celery juice gives my gut a pretty immediate reset without making me feel like my large intestine is rejecting me at the core of my being.

The second lesson is... drumroll...


I know that sounded harsh. But I'm going to serve you up some tough love on a silver platter with this one because its perhaps the most important piece of advice that I can offer you.

I struggled with self esteem and toed the line of developing a serious eating disorder for a number of my teenage years. Even while I've truly transformed my understanding of wellness and how fitness and food play major roles in wellness as a whole, I still hear negative voices in my head tempting me to take shortcuts every now and then. It's because of this that from the beginning, before I even picked up my juices, I vowed not to step on the scale before, during, or after my cleanse. A juice cleanse should not be about losing weight. 

Making a commitment to live well is not supposed to be easy.

It often requires making drastic changes to everyday routines and habits. It requires major discipline, rewiring your brain to focus on the positive, and time. A 3 day juice cleanse is not designed to get you to where you want to be physically, emotionally, and mentally overnight.

I am planning on completing another juice cleanse this summer and I look forward to enjoying new and different juices when its nice and sunny outside. I am 100% certain that I will also not go anywhere else for my juices because Farm2Cup Raynham is truly the bomb. So if you are thinking of trying a cleanse out for yourself, head over to Farm2Cup Raynham and tell Erin ya girl sent you! Thanks for coming on this cleansing journey with me!


xx Meg

P.S. Want to see more? Check out the cleanse vlog below!


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