Five Summer Favs

Five Summer Favs

I’m excited about this one.

I was brainstorming ideas the other day for posts that would be fun for me to write and fun for all of you to read, all while wiping away my summer-is-over tears. There are so many things that everyone loves about summer. Now that it’s coming to a close, we look back fondly on the memories, the heat, the AC, the vacations, the staycations, all of the above. And you can take a glance at mine in this post. Here are my Five Summer Favs!


Before the Miss Massachusetts Pageant this summer, I was on a meal plan that cut out processed sugar in any way shape and form. It was actually pretty fun. I love getting creative with my meal plans and making new discoveries as to what might be good that I haven’t tried, as well as creating opportunities for myself to learn how to cook healthy dishes for my friends and family. However… the one exception I made in my prep was the frozen “Screamer” from Mary Lou’s with a shot of espresso.

(Photo from Google Images)

In all of it’s glory: a frozen vanilla chai with the deep robust, smokey espresso kick. I craved one nearly everyday at 6:00pm. I would head to work in anticipation of picking up my “Screamer” along the way. It tastes like sweet victory.

Clothing Item:

On my 20th birthday (May 31st!) I wanted just one thing. One thing that would show the world who I am without me having to say a single word. One thing that would manage to turn heads whenever I’m in public. For real. One thing that would earn me many high fives, smiles, nods of approval, and make some people squirm and roll their eyes- which would be equally as satisfying. My birthday sweater.

(You can order yours here. And I think you definitely should.)

Perfect for chilly nights and changing the world. 10/10 would recommend purchasing this item and making a point to wear it at every and all family gatherings.

TV or Movie:

I’ve been staring at this movie on Netflix long as I can remember… never really knowing why. Kidding. I know why. Did you get the reference? Moana. Moana is my favorite summer movie for sure.

The animation is jaw dropping, the ocean has an actual personality, there’s all the Disney stuff- music, drama, friendship, at least one dead family member somewhere along the line. Its fantastic. Not to mention, the main character is…


Bastille released their newest album in 2016 and I was a little late in hopping on the bandwagon, but I made it, guys. Listening to this album for the first few times all the way through, my mind was continually blown. The talent in this band is unreal and this album made me feel things I didn’t know music could make me feel- especially in a political sense. Which, I feel, is an incredible feat. Listen to the album and you’ll get what I mean.


Oh, Canada. Touring around through Ontario was absolutely gorgeous, especially along the wine route. There was so much to enjoy. From walking through a butterfly garden at Niagara on the Lake, to falling in love with ice wine, it was one of the most beautiful vacations I’ve ever been on.

(It’s impossible not to get distracted when taking a picture in a butterfly garden.)



(Top: Cute lil butterfly // Bottom: We found The Shire in Canada.)

If you ever happen to cross over into Canada, soak in every minute of it. So worth the trip.

And those are my Five Summer Favs! Towards the end of fall, when winter starts to claw its way into our lives, you’ll get to see my Five Fall Favs, so be sure to hang around!

-Meg xx


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