Crush Your Goals Like You’re 5 Years Old

Crush Your Goals Like You’re 5 Years Old

Well friends, we're in the home stretch! It's almost Christmas, and soon after that, 2018 will be over and we will be into the new year. If you're like most people, you're in the season of actually putting time into intentionally setting new goals for the new year. Maybe you make a New Year's resolution every year. Maybe you stick with most of them all 12 months of the year. Maybe you go really hard for a couple of weeks and then slowly but surely slip back in to old habits and say, "I'll try again next year!" I'm not here to judge and I've definitely done my share of getting pumped for an end goal and then getting lazy in the process leading up to it. What I'm here for is to clue you in on a major spoiler alert: it doesn't matter what day it is on your calendar. If you wait until the "right time" to begin a growth journey, the "I'll start tomorrow" mindset in and of itself is already causing you to fall behind. But why take New Year's resolution advice from me when you could take it from a pro? In the video you're about to hit play for, 5-year-old Mya shares some golden insight on how she plans to crush her goal for 2019.

Mya's Nuggets of Wisdom

"Go shopping and get new shoes."

Self care is important! In order to remain positive about your goal even when you're sweating while holding Malasana and you're only halfway through your 11:11 yoga class, knowing that you're only 30 minutes away from rewarding yourself with a Duke's donut after will push you to finish strong.

"I can get whatever I want."

If you want it badly enough, you'll find a way to get there. It might mean going the extra mile every single day. It could mean sacrificing things like pasta or cutting ties with sources of negativity in your life. But if you really want it, nothing is going to stop you from getting to where you should be (even if it's not where you originally expected to end up! God is funny like that...). So on a similar note, you will get whatever you need.

"Keep trying. Say, 'I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!'"

Sometimes it will be really hard. But don't take a closed door as an indefinite "no" and convince yourself that you can't achieve your goal. Your vision is your mission. So work hard. That means not giving up, not giving in, and being intentional about each step in the process.

Go for your goals today, this week, in the new year, and seek success. Mya and I will be cheering you on from the sidelines.

xx Meg

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