Cleanse My Soul: A Guide to Thrive After Life’s Wins and Losses

Cleanse My Soul: A Guide to Thrive After Life’s Wins and Losses

Real talk, ya'll.

I recently came to a hard realization that my wind down routine after volunteering myself to undergo the intense stress and excitement of competing in a pageant was not really a structured routine at all. Sound familiar? After cleaning out my car of the gowns, makeup, sometimes crown and sash, sometimes self-deprecating would have could haves, my transition from competition back to real life is often rushed and distracted.

This is 100% the enneagram type 3 in me... but when I win a crown, I go full on into planning out as many appearances as possible. If I lose, I go full speed ahead on a one way train to Burnout Town without giving a second thought to what's actually taking place in my body, mind, and soul. Life after a loss can be particularly busy.

Sometimes I pick up extra work shifts. Sometimes I fill my schedule with as many workouts as I can. Sometimes I drink wine. Sometimes I throw myself into starting my own company... full transparency here, people.


So here's the deal. I'm putting together a resource for ALL OF US (myself included) that will map out a game plan for when your brain goes into full speed auto pilot mode after a win or a loss.

Anyone can use this Guide To Thrive because everyone experiences wins and losses in everyday life.


PS. THIS IS A FREE RESOURCE. Print it, save it, love it, use it. xoxo Meg


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