Owning Your Edge

Hey, bro. Sup, sis? Welcome back to yet another installment of Meg’s Inner Thoughts! I actually conducted a poll on my Instagram story to see what ya’ll wanted to read…

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Faith without Borders

Wow, you guys. It’s been a week since I came home from one of the most transformative missions I’ve ever been on. My 7th short-term mission trip to Guatemala was…

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Live, Love, Juice Cleanse.

It’s time, folks! I’m finally sitting down RIGHT NOW to share with you my experience during my recent juice cleanse. So buckle up and get your celery out because this…

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I Refuse to Slump

Happy New Year, friends! We’re officially beyond the first week of 2019. I love watching everyone become inspired to jump into reaching new goals with renewed spirits and energy. A…

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