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  • Hating Your Ex Is Bad For Your Health
    I feel like I’m far enough removed from it now, that I’m outside the unspoken statute of limitations and can share about some experiences now that I’ve long kept private. You guys know that everything in this blog is designed to give you tools to see success in your life. Several […]
  • 5 Songs for 5 Vibes
    How we doing, fam? I hope you’re all enjoying these few early days of September! I’m all moved into my Boston apartment and ready to begin my graduate year at Boston University. So many new transitions happening all at once that my mood disorder is loving the gnarly wave of anxiety […]
  • Cleanse My Soul: A Guide to Thrive After Life’s Wins and Losses
    Real talk, ya’ll. I recently came to a hard realization that my wind down routine after volunteering myself to undergo the intense stress and excitement of competing in a pageant was not really a structured routine at all. Sound familiar? After cleaning out my car of the gowns, makeup, […]
  • Taking Back to School Back
    Happy August, ya’ll. It’s been a good while! A million and 1 things are happening in my life right now (what else is new) including but not limited to: I started a podcast! You can find it in a number of places on this site including right here. I’ve taken some vacation time which […]
  • You Need to Love Yourself RIGHT NOW. Here’s Why.
    How’s everyone doing?! I know, I know. It’s been a hot minute. Since I last posted on the blog, I’ve gotten my Bachelor of Arts degree in Art for Education from BU, interviewed for internship positions for my master’s degree year at BU, done a ton of yoga, went through an […]
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