7 Things that are Difficult when Life Makes You Sneeze

7 Things that are Difficult when Life Makes You Sneeze

Some of the strongest people on this earth are the people that live life on a continuous struggle bus ride through Allergytown. I am blessed by God to be one of them. Being allergic to literally everything around me has allowed me to experience record breaking sneeze attacks, random lip swelling, and a lifetime of nose itchiness. Are you with me? Then you'll for sure be able to relate to this list of things that are significantly harder when you're seemingly allergic to life itself. 

1. Waking Up

That sweet but fast fleeting moment before your brain realizes you're awake. Then that moment ends and you sneeze excessively for the next 2 hours.

#2 Pet Snuggles

Kiss the cat, get a swollen lip. Hug the dog, itchy for hours. Also, sneezing. Sneezing forever.

#3 Cleaning

Dust is inevitable. Cleaning the house and then hoping to go out with friends? Cancel all your plans. You will literally be sick for the rest of the day. Also keeping in mind, if you clean you sneeze. However if you don't clean, you also sneeze. Great.

#4 Downward Dog

Got the sniffles? Best to avoid this pose or be prepared to clean the drips off your mat later on... and I'm not talking about sweat.

#5 Cooking for other people

Making the mad dash out of the kitchen to sneeze a million times before the pizza becomes your tissue.

#6 Being Outside

Nature is great. That is until you breathe it in and your whole day is ruined.

#7 Silence

Prayer during church? Final Shavasana? Exchanging of vows at a wedding? Perfect opportunity to SNIFF CEASELESSLY.

Here's to hoping you enjoyed this post almost as much as you enjoy that feeling of ecstasy when the nostril that's been clogged for the past 3 hours finally opens up.

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