5 Quarantine Tips You Haven’t Heard Yet

5 Quarantine Tips You Haven’t Heard Yet

Wow, guys.

I don't think it will suffice to simply say that a lot has happened since I last posted. The world is amidst an insane pandemic right now and while staying home, I finished my graduate year at Boston University and got my master's degree, started making art again, started doing yoga again, and am slowly adjusting to this "new normal" that everyone is talking about... but if any of us are being honest- what the heck does that even mean? Does anything about this entire situation really have the potential to feel remotely normal? I'm just guessing here.

I wanted the first post that I publish post the initial  COVID-19 explosion to relate to this crisis in a unique way that will be supportive of all of you (who says we can't still strive to thrive indoors- am I right?). I'm also planning to release a Youtube video to announce what the future looks like for There She Is: The Podcast. I know so many of you are faithful listeners and truly look forward to the release of new episodes, so stay tuned for that update.

Let's get to it...

5 Quarantine Tips You Haven't Heard Yet

#1 Adopt a Skincare Routine of SOME Sort.


This one is more important than many of us may realize at first glance, but hear me out. The way you treat your face can say a lot about how you care for the rest of you- mind, body, heart, and soul.

Your body is a vessel by and through which you will do amazing things.

Therefore... you need a skincare routine.

I've spent a lot of time scrolling my socials, seeking to grasp and understand what women are struggling with most throughout this pandemic. It feels as though the majority of us (whose Instagram highlight reels do not by any means reflect the whole picture of our perfectly imperfect lives) are caught up in the quarantine cycle of attempting to stay busy and productive, maintain some semblance of our normal life routines, combat the innate temptation to laze around the house all day, and probably feeling some degree of guilt surrounding the lack of motivation that I'm sure most of us have felt from time to time.

It seems like a small act of little significance, but taking 1-2 minutes each day to care for your skin reinforces a positive mindset that recognizes:

  1. Self-care as a way to acknowledge and reflect on your own worth and to care for yourself and your own needs, not just a coping strategy to counteract the pressure of having to constantly care for the needs of others. In other words, self-care should be for you. Not just the thing you do so you can keep showing up for other people. If you approach it with that attitude, self-care doesn't really feel like self-care. It feels like something you're doing to yourself for someone else's overall benefit.
  2. That if you feel like you have glowing skin, you will exude more confidence- you might be thinking, why do I need to feel confident/have glowing skin while I'm stuck inside my apartment with my cats and plants? My answer: when you feel confident and productive, you are more likely to make subsequent choices throughout your day that will support the continuation of those good vibes. Which, (in my personal experience based opinion) at the end of the day/week/month feels much better than the mental torture of feeling like you're slowly but surely slipping further and further away from the version of pre-quarantine you that got ish done and felt like a boss.
  3.  That you're starting and ending your day with an investment into YOU. Your quality of life, quality of health, and even quality of your self-talk are all wrapped up in the accumulation of quick little healthy habits (like a simple skincare routine).

It's a pretty amazing thing how connected our psychology is to our daily habits... skincare is a great example of this and an easy starting point.

#2 Elevate Your Snack Game!


With all of the extra time that many of us have while the world is adjusting to and navigating a new (weird) way of life, it feels all the more comforting and easy, at least to me, to cling to what is familiar... in my case, a bottomless supply of UTZ potato chips.

In the hopes of avoiding the quarantine 15, I jumped into a new challenge that would add some fun to my grocery trips, inspire attitudes of exploration and discovery within the walls of my own home, and would support my quest to fit into my dangerously snug wedding gown come September.

Using healthy, clean, and simple ingredients, I've discovered the simple joys of happy snacking during quarantine and I would encourage you to do the same! Play Master Chef: Snack Edition in your kitchen, dreaming up clean and yummy experiments that you can add to your list of go-to snacks throughout the day.


Here are a few of my favorites:

Strawberry Yogurt:

Plain cashew milk yogurt (I use this one)

A tablespoon of organic strawberry jam or preserves

Chia seeds

Freeze-dried strawberry slices (from Target)

So yum and a cute feature in my Instagram Feed


English Cucumber with Dressing:

Basically just the snack version of a cucumber salad (it's fine, no one has to know)

Stripe and slice half an English cucumber or so

Dip slices in a couple of tablespoons of a clean dressing (I use this one)

I imagine you can pull this off with any veggie and any dressing you like but don't take my word for it, try your own!


If you try a new snack after reading this, post a picture of it with the hashtag, #ThereSheSnacks so we can share our fun creations with others!

#3 Make The Dang Bed!


It's really not that tedious of a task. To be honest, I don't make it 7/7 days and sometimes it doesn't get made until 11 AM. But I have noticed lately that on days that I do make the bed, I also open the blinds, let the sun in, and get more done because my room feels clean. It kind of relates back to that age-old philosophy: cluttered surroundings, cluttered mind.

PLUS, you get the added bonus reward of feeling so snug and comf at the end of the day when you go to sleep in a bed that's nice and put together.

#5 Watch an Online Church Service on Sunday!


If we're being honest, we all need to give ourselves a little grace right now. Whether you're feeling weighed down by the guilt of a laziness complex, feeling like you are totally unprepared to teach your kiddos, or are frustrated that you just graduated and the job market is slim to none- we're all just taking it day by day and doing what we can to make it to a future that doesn't look like staying inside all the time and includes the joys of day trips to microbreweries, summer bonfires with friends, concerts, and everything else that humans love doing together.

The last thing we want to do is beat ourselves up about how we're not where we hoped we would be right now. So give yourself (and others) a little extra grace. Checking out a Jesus-centered church online will allow you to explore how God defines grace without having to feel weird about being the "new guy" at a church (we've all been there) and it feels like listening to a lowkey podcast which is a great way to get in some gospel over bacon and eggs.

I especially enjoy these services.



I hope these tips are helpful to you guys. I know they keep saying we're all in this together, but in my view, the majority of us are battling so much more of this whole crisis in our own minds and in close quarters with a very select few other humans who are also navigating their own way of coping. It's messy and certainly cannot be encompassed by a weird worldwide branding slogan.

Again, stay tuned for more content! You know ya girl Meg is always in your corner shouting, YOU GOT THIS BOO.


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